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Adding new users

Add new users via the Django admin. It’s linked to from the nav bar:

Access to Django Admin

Once there, click + Add to add a new user.

Django Admin add new user

Configuring telephones

Once a user is added, if you want them to receive telephone and/or SMS alerts you should add a mobile number via the Alert subscriptions page (linked from the nav bar):

Click the edit icon next to a user to configure:

User contact configuration

You must have correctly configured your Twilio and/or Hipchat credentials (see Configuration) for these settings to have any effect.

  • Mobile number - in format XXYYYYYYYYYY where Xs are country code and Ys are local number with any leading zeroes stripped.
    • e.g. 447842555555 (UK mobile) or 16135554321 (Canada phone).
    • No leading +, 011 or 011.
    • Cabot currently uses Twilio so anything Twilio will take is fine.
  • Hipchat alias - the name used to @mention a user in Hipchat, without the leading @. Must match exactly for popup notifications to work.
    • e.g. david
  • Fallback alert user - this is the user who will receive telephone and other alerts if nobody else is marked in the rota as being on duty.