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Getting started

To add a new check:

Click New ▾ and then Http check.

Most form fields are self-explanatory.

  • Text match - this will be parsed as a regular expression and run against the raw HTML - not the rendered DOM - of the page retrieved from Endpoint. Of course, a simple word is a perfectly acceptable regular expression.
  • Status code - currently you must specify a single status code, not a range.
  • Timeout - the length of time Cabot will attempt to send a request to Endpoint.
  • Debounce - number of consecutive failures to tolerate.
    • We introduced this because we found ourselves getting occasional unreproduceable errors from Cloudflare’s CDN (in particular.)

Why monitor HTTP endpoints?

To check that your servers are running and not just showing Service unavailable. Currently, if you want to get a telephone alert if your front page goes down, you have to:

  • Sign up to PagerDuty and Pingdom
  • Build some solution yourself